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About Us

Have you ever asked yourself, “Where can I get high-quality bath bombs that will look great, be gentle on the skin, and also come in many vibrant colours and beautiful scents?”

All bath bombs at are handmade in Australia out of premium ingredients, oils that are gentle to the skin and all of our bath bombs are available in vibrant colours! We put a whole lot of love into each individual bath bomb that we make. We can say that it is the highest quality bath bombs available as we make them ourselves by hand! We are not a reseller like most of the online bath bomb stores. When you purchase our aromatic bath bombs from us, it is made from ingredients, oils and scents that we spent several years to perfect, making sure that it looks fantastic, smells divine and is a great colourful hit as well!


Jane is the proud owner of Buy Bath Bombs. She began making and designing this range of products as a personal hobby because she loved taking baths and also for her family at home to make her kids bath time a fun experience. Eventually, she realized that most of the bath bombs available online only came in simple plain colours and basic scents. Plus, they were mostly manufactured overseas and were sold by resellers, and most importantly they were filled with harmful ingredients which were not suitable for a gentle skin. She personally felt that a bath bomb is something you deserve to enjoy, have a magical aromatic experience with and most importantly that you should absolutely love it wanting to use it again and again.


With her perseverance and help of her family, she started Buy Bath Bombs. She wanted to start a business that took a different approach to the manufacturing of bath bombs – a more customer – focused approach. So she created a bath bombs business that cared less about profit and more about creating the best quality bath bombs in existence! Based on the feedback of our customers, she strongly feels that she has succeeded and plans on continuing to make her bath bombs better and better for years to come! 

We absolutely love making our premium quality bath bombs. At Buy Bath Bombs we know that every person who wants to have a good fun bathing time with less harmful experience for their skin you do it with Buy Bath Bombs. We pride ourselves in the fact that all of our items are freshly handmade in small batches and if your favorite item is not in stock, send  us an online order and we will be happy to make it again. For all of our products which are in stock and if you want to get them quickly please choose the express method of shipping to ensure that you get your items on time. 

We are excited to work with you!

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